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The new smart thermostatic valve that optimize heating consumption while maintaining maximum comfort and a healthy environment

The FYBRA THERM patent* represents the latest innovation in the heating sector.

Air quality and thermal comfort finally together.

What makes FYBRA THERM unique?

FYBRA THERM is the first intelligent thermostatic valve with a predictive-adaptive algorithm that finally takes into account window openings and air quality!

  • Precise Measurement
    Temperature is measured using Fybra technology, ensuring greater accuracy compared to traditional thermostatic valves.
  • Predictive Algorithm
    By utilizing data monitored by Fybra air quality sensors, the algorithm learns the environment’s behavior and optimizes both Fybra Therm thermostatic valve adjustments and ventilation, minimizing waste.
  • Remote Management
    The smart thermostatic valves are connected to the web platform and app, allowing for remote management.

The Fybra algorithm considers both internal and external temperatures to determine whether it is necessary to increase or decrease the radiator temperature, taking into account in advance (predictive algorithm) the need to open and close the windows.

Simultaneously, it calculates the system’s inertia time to optimize valve openings and reduce consumption.

The benefits of FYBRA THERM

Energy Savings

Energy savings up to 20% on utility bills.
The percentage of energy savings depends on the type of system and may vary depending on the circumstances.

Customized Management

Through the web platform or mobile app, you can adjust the comfort temperature of each room for a combined management of air quality and thermal comfort.

Healthy Environment

Less transmission of diseases and more well-being for all home environments.

*patent pending

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