Mechanical Ventilation Units with high efficiency heat recovery, for collective installations

Passive recuperator (exchanger and filters, without fans)

INVOLVEMENT – Self-supporting structure with polyurethane panels;
– Exterior and interior Zinc Magnesium
– Double condensate drain
CONFIGURATION AND INSTALLATION – Horizontal: false ceiling
HEAT EXCHANGER  – FYBRA BRERA 1 and 2: counter-current, high efficiency, in PP
– FYBRA BRERA 3 and 4 : countercurrent, high efficiency, in Al
– Enthalpic exchanger on request for size 1 and 2
GAMMA – 4 models with air flow rates from 100 to 800 m³/h
 – 2 centralised fan units serving the building (condominium or multi-family houses) or the column, combined with FYBRA BRERA passive recuperators (exchanger and filters), one for each flat.

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