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Take air quality to the next level with Fybra®, the internationally patented smart sensor for monitoring and improving air quality in your company. 




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Improve air quality in your company

What is Fybra and how it works

It is a patented system that combines smart sensors and adaptive and predictive algorithms that can learn from trends in physical parameters to optimise air exchange in an enclosed environment. It prevents the deterioration of air and avoids waste of heat after the necessary changeover.

The benefits of the Fybra solution

  • Improves air quality helps reduce employee absenteeism,

  • Reduces energy costs,

  • Increases overall productivity,

  • Creates a healthier and more comfortable working environment.

Unique algorithm for a customised ventilation

Fybra constantly monitors levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), four crucial factors affecting indoor air quality. Fybra’s unique algorithm customises ventilation flows, allowing users to maintain optimal air quality while reducing energy costs.

Fybra is compatible with other building monitoring and management systems, allowing easy integration with the existing infrastructure. This makes it possible to create a complete, intelligent system for monitoring and improving the working environment.

Fybra in spaces with NATURAL ventilation

If windows are present, Fybra will indicate with a light signal the time to ventilate the room and the optimal ventilation time.  This system can be automated.

Fybra in spaces with MECHANICAL ventilation

If there are no operable windows, Fybra will integrate with the BMS or mechanical ventilation system either from Fybra or another manufacturer, after evaluation by the technicians.

Comprehensive data monitoring

Each value is constantly monitored and each room will have its own dedicated page on Fybra’s proprietary platform. Data is transmitted via Wi-Fi or GSM in the cloud, and the asset manager will have real-time control and history of all data, as well as a dedicated dashboard for optimal monitoring of all environments.

Use our dashboard to:

  • Set up real-time notifications and customised alerts when CO2, temperature and humidity levels exceed predefined thresholds, allowing you to take prompt action to improve the situation.

  • Download customised reports that provide personalised suggestions and recommendations to optimise ventilation and workplace comfort.


Why choose Fybra

Don’t let air quality be an unknown in your company.

Choose Fybra and gain total control over your company’s indoor air quality. Improve the well-being of your employees, increase productivity and create a working environment where everyone can thrive.

Numerous awards throughout Europe confirm the excellence and constant commitment we put into providing our customers with state-of-the-art solutions to improve indoor air quality every day.


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