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Fybra® is the solution to return safely to the office. It helps to disperse virus, bacteria and indoor contaminants through optimized natural ventilation.







Improves indoor air quality

What is Fybra and how it works
It’s a patented system that combines a set of sensors to AI driven algorithms which learn contaminants patterns in closed environments. It optimizes air changes preventing air quality from deteriorating, also reducing energy waste when indoor air has reached the desired IAQ condition.

COVID19 health emergency
Our team has carried out a specific study on Covid-19 virus spread in closed environments and pointed out the best strategy to reduce its transmission.

Fybra against COVID

Based on defined risk zones (which are personalized according to geographic location and specific requests), the algorithm will dynamically shift natural ventilation thresholds to enhance microdroplets dispersion.

Fybra for spaces with NATURAL ventilation

In presence of windows Fybra will signal, through its chromatic scaling light, when to open the window and, reached a desirable IAQ condition, when to close it. This system can be connected to automatized openings.

Fybra for spaces with MECHANICAL ventilation

In absence of windows, Fybra will provide its feedback to the BMS or to the mechanical ventilation system. Our technicians will evaluate the feaseability of integration with the building managers or BMS provider.

Data monitoring and collection

The continous monitoring will be displayed real time on our dashboard, room by room. Data are sent via Wi-fi or GSM in cloud, which is open to the asset manager for security control and historic data download.


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Fybra® is sold to companies after inspection by our technicians. Installation and removal require only a few minutes. Contact us to get your tailored offer.

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