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Fybra sensors arrive in Rho schools

By 10 October 2022No Comments
net e Fybra a Rho

Fybra smart sensors have arrived in the municipality of Rho to measure air quality in classrooms and manage the opening and closing of windows, guaranteeing healthiness, thermal comfort and energy saving.

The Istituto Comprensivo Tommaso Grossi in Rho is the first school involved in the project carried out in collaboration with the company Net NuovEnergie Teleriscaldamento and the municipalities of Rho and Pero.

What is Fybra?

Fybra detects three parameters – carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity – and over time, through predictive and dynamic algorithms. It “learns” their trends and defines from time to time the ideal thresholds respecting which, in a specific environment, the deterioration of air quality can be prevented and comfort temperatures can be maintained, using the window intelligently.

An LED light communicates the situation in real time with different colors: red indicates the need to open windows to disperse microdroplets (vehicles of airborne viruses), CO2 and pollutants, purple a progressive improvement in air quality. When the light turns blue, it means air quality is good, and windows can then be closed again, avoiding heat waste.

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