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Fybra on Forbes and Capital on March

By 23 March 2022April 22nd, 2022No Comments
Forbes Capital

The March 2022 number of Forbes and Capital dedicated two in-depth articles to Fybra, interviewing co-founder and CEO Gaetano Lapenta, who was recently named one of the Alumni change makers by the Financial Times.

The Forbes article, by Enzo Argante on page 30, is entitled «Robot per l’aria sicura» and defines the intelligent air quality sensor produced by Fybra as a «killer application from a marketing point of view».

Capital devotes a double page to the device by Carlo Buonamico under the title «Aprite quella… finestra»  with an in-depth interview with Gaetano Lapenta, which also anticipates some lines of development of the startup for the future.