Fybra Home!

The device designed to improve air quality for your HOME.


In our first year of life we won several awards and recognitions and we have grown to have more than 50,000 daily users benefiting from our sensors in schools and offices.

Now we are ready with a new product designed specifically for your house: Fybra Home®.

The rhythm of life in a domestic environment is different day by day. Fybra Home® adapts to each of them in an intelligent way.

Thanks to the world’s unique predictive-adaptive algorithm, you will always know when to open and close the window for better air quality and comfortable temperature.

How it works:

It warns by means of a light signal the air status and the necessary action, if it is red open the window, if it is purple it means you are changing the air, if it is blue everything is fine and you can keep the windows closed.


What does it measure?
T (temperature), RH (relative humidity) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) , also measures VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can affect air quality significantly.


How it measures?
It has a dedicated algorithm that cross-references CO2, T, RH and Vocs, autonomously learns your usage and ventilation habits and adjusts to them for best performance.


For Ios e Android
It Publish data to the dedicated App that you can consult at any time and check air status in real time.


iF Design Award 2022
Winner of the iF Design Award 2022, Fybra Home® has been designed by a leading Milan-based studio to fit perfectly into the home decor.

Where to install:

It can be placed both on shelves, desks and hung on the wall.
It should be placed in the most used and inhabited rooms of the house.

The Benefits of Fybra Home!

  • Intelligent algorithm: windows open only when you really need.

  • Increased Comfort: Temperatures and Humidity always under control.

  • Greater Environmental Protection: energy consumption under control.

  • Protect Your Health: less Co2, less Viruses, less Pollutants.

  • Improve your concentration: create an ideal environment for working or studying.

Comprehensive data monitoring

Each value is constantly monitored and each environment will have its own dedicated page on Fybra’s proprietary platform. The data is transmitted via wi-fi or GSM in the cloud, and the asset manager will have real-time control and history of all data, as well as a dedicated dashboard for optimal monitoring of all environments.

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