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Fybra guest on RDS 100% Made in Italy

By 23 November 2022December 15th, 2022No Comments
RDS -fybra 100_made_in_italy_rds

Yesterday evening Fybra was a guest on the radio podcast broadcast on RDS 100% Made in Italy, hosted by Gianluca Teodori. The radio programme on air from Monday to Friday at 19:57 tells the success stories of companies, women, men and products that make and Made in Italy brand of excellence in the world.

Our CEO, Gaetano Lapenta, told the microphones how the idea for Fybra was born and what the objective and uniqueness of the Fybra solution is: ‘We don’t have to choose between safety, so ventilating as much as possible while staying cold and spending a lot of money on bills, or staying warm but staying in an unsafe atmosphere. The originality of the patent is that it manages to calculate how long a window needs to stay open so that you don’t waste energy by clearing the air.”

The solution is Fybra: a patented Italian technology that is spreading as a cheap and effective solution to the problem of ventilation in our homes, offices and schools.

Listen to the interview on the RDS 100% Made in Italy website.

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