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Fybra Announces Strategic Partnership with PHYWE to Transform German Classrooms into Laboratories

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Göttingen, Germany – June 11, 2024

Fybra, the innovative cleantech specializing in indoor air quality and energy efficiency, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with PHYWE, a leading provider of scientific equipment and educational solutions. This partnership aims to revolutionize the learning experience in Germany by equipping classrooms with Fybra’s patented technology.

Gaetano Lapenta, CEO and Co-Founder of Fybra, presented Fybra school solution at the PHYWE Sales Convention on June 11th, emphasizing the transformative potential of this collaboration. With 650,000 classrooms in Germany poised to become advanced laboratories, this partnership promises a significant leap forward in educational digitalization and sustainability.

Fybra: Enhancing Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

Fybra’s award-winning IoT  devices and patented algorithms are designed to optimize ventilation, thereby improving indoor air quality while significantly reducing energy consumption. Fybra’s solutions have been internationally recognized for their ability to reduce heating and cooling energy waste by up to 30%, with an additional 20% reduction in energy wastage due to improper ventilation.

Transforming Classrooms into Learning Labs

Through this partnership, Fybra and PHYWE will provide German schools with intelligent sensors that continuously monitor and manage air quality. The devices indicate the optimal times to open and close windows to maintain healthy CO2 levels and air quality, making each classroom a real-time laboratory. This integration supports the STEM curriculum by offering students practical insights into air quality management, energy conservation, and sustainability.


Innovative Interactive Experiments on CurricuLAB Platform

Additionally, Fybra and PHYWE are developing an extensive range of interactive experiments for the CurricuLAB platform. These experiments will cover various STEM fields, including chemistry, physics, and mathematics, providing students with hands-on learning experiences that complement their theoretical studies. The integration of Fybra’s technology into CurricuLAB ensures that every classroom can become an interactive, dynamic learning environment.


A Great Opportunity in the Digitalization Tender in Germany

The collaboration between Fybra and PHYWE aligns perfectly with the ongoing digitalization initiatives in Germany’s education sector. By leveraging public funding opportunities, schools can integrate Fybra’s innovative technology into their infrastructure, enhancing both learning outcomes and environmental stewardship.

Gaetano Lapenta expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with PHYWE is a strategic move that allows us to extend our impact within the educational sector in Germany. By turning classrooms into interactive labs, we not only improve air quality and energy efficiency but also foster a hands-on learning environment that inspires students to engage with STEM subjects. We are thrilled to work with PHYWE, a company that shares our vision for a sustainable and educational future.”


About Fybra

Fybra is a pioneering cleantech based in Milan, Italy, known for its innovative solutions in air quality monitoring and energy efficiency. Fybra’s smart devices utilize advanced predictive algorithms to manage ventilation, ensuring optimal indoor air quality and significant energy savings. Fybra’s mission is to create healthier, more energy-efficient indoor environments across various sectors, including education, healthcare, and public buildings.



Founded in 1913 in Göttingen, Germany, PHYWE is a renowned supplier of high-quality scientific equipment and educational solutions. With over a century of experience, PHYWE has evolved into a digital pioneer in science education, providing integrated learning solutions that enhance the teaching and understanding of natural sciences. PHYWE’s offerings include modern e-learning systems, comprehensive training, and consulting services, making it a trusted partner for educational institutions in Germany and worldwide.


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