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Does Fybra need a power connection?

Yes. Fybra is supplied complete with power supply unit and cable and must be connected to the 220 V mains (normal domestic power socket – max. 10 A) and fixed in a vertical position (e.g. on the wall).

How long does it take to install a Fybra?

Fybras are normally delivered already configured by the Fybra team. This leads to an installation time of between 1 minute and 5 minutes per device.

Does FYBRA include an ozone or UV sanitisation system?

No. Fybra uses the principle of diluting indoor air with outdoor air. Once diluted, the indoor air disperses indoor pollutants to the outside.

Why is Fybra different from other CO2 sensors on the market?

Fybra is equipped with a dynamic algorithm that learns from the data of the environment in which it is installed. This allows the opening and closing thresholds to be precisely defined, adapting to the environment and the user. This avoids the problems of static threshold sensors: high number of required openings, cold temperatures due to excessive opening, lack of balance between temperature and air quality. Fybra’s patent was designed to solve this problem.

What data does Fybra School/Space monitor?

Fybra monitors CO2, temperature and humidity data, and displays them in real time on a monitoring platform available on both mobile apps (Ios and Android) and web dashboards.

Is the CO2 sensor a direct sensor?

Yes. It is an NDIR optical sensor with excellent measurement accuracy of up to 5000 ppm.

How can I view my data?

Upon installation, the Fybra team will give you the access keys to your devices. Then all you have to do is go to the app or the site, click on ‘my Fybra’, and type in the key in order to see all the data in real time and extrapolate the history.

Can Fybra control the window motors?

Yes. However, it is necessary to indicate this at the time of enquiry/order because you will be provided with the Fybra suitable for the purpose and the electrician’s instructions. In this case it will take a few extra minutes for the installation of the individual device to connect it to the motor, but the intervention will always be minimally invasive.

Can Fybra control mechanical ventilation?

Yes. However, you must indicate this when placing an enquiry/order because a preliminary feasibility study and ad hoc quotation will be carried out. You will be provided with the Fybra suitable for the purpose and the set of information for electricians. In this case it will take a few extra minutes for installation, but the work will always be minimally invasive.

How do I buy Fybra?

Fybra Space and Fybra School can be purchased by contacting the Fybra team directly (contact). Only the Fybra Home can be purchased via e-commerce.


Does the WiFi network have to have special characteristics?

The device only uses a Wifi network with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. If a firewall is present, you can retrieve the MAC ADDRESS of your device in the “MY FYBRA” platform. In case of doubt, ask the Fybra technical team for support.

What happens when the sensor disconnects?

The device has an internal memory to store the data to be transmitted once the internet connection is restored. The memory can store approximately 1 week of measurements.

How to turn off the lighting?

The timer allows you to switch off the light signal at a certain time interval of the day while the sensor continues to monitor. This can be activated from both the app and the platform.

Can device names be changed from the platform?

Yes. This functionality is only available for institute tokens.

What is a token?

The token is a code that can identify either an individual device or a group of devices (e.g. all installed devices, all devices on a floor or in a building,). The token is delivered by the Fybra team upon delivery of the material or installation.

Is the sensor immediately operational when installed?

The sensor needs two weeks of adjustment both for the measurements to settle and for the dynamic algorithm to come up to speed.

I need to change the Wifi network, how can I do this?

For this operation, it is necessary to reset the device according to the procedure indicated in the User Manual. In case of problems or doubts, ask the Fybra technical team for support.

Is it possible to get an indication of the colour of the LED remotely?

Remote LED indication is only possible from the mobile app in real-time.

How can I delete my account?

If you want to remove your account please contact us at