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The Comprehensive Institute “De Amicis” of Marcallo chooses Fybra for the classrooms

By 28 June 2022August 3rd, 2022No Comments

The Comprehensive Institute “De Amicis” is the first public school in the province of Milan that has chosen to install Fybra smart sensors in all its classrooms in the municipalities of Marcallo, Boffalora and Mesero, to measure air quality in classrooms and manage the opening and closing of windows ensuring healthiness, thermal comfort and energy savings.

The news is told by Stefano Galimberti’s report from Milano Pavia TV, which aired on June 15, 2022.

“Fybra seemed to us to be the smart solution not only to ensure the sanitization of the rooms when the device alerts us,” says Alessandra Moscatiello, Head Teacher of Ic De Amicis, “but above all the ability of the children to be constantly on the piece i.e. to build their skills by being responsible for the action of opening and then closing the windows if the smart device alerts us.”

“For us it is a very important investment because it represents the first public school in the province of Milan,since we are a startup in Milan” adds Emanuele Brasca, Fybra’s sales director.

“We municipalities are always committed to monitoring consumption and the good functioning of the school, so to know that our Head Teacher has made such an innovative and advantageous choice both for the users of the school and for the environments themselves, which therefore in our opinion also leads to a better use of public money, is fantastic,” comments the mayor of Marcallo con Casone, Marina Roma, also speaking on behalf of mayors Sabrina Doniselli (Boffalora) and Davide Garavaglia (Mesero), during the press conference.

“This installation like the different interventions that we municipalities put in place in the school,” adds Sabrina Doniselli, mayor of Boffalora, “is a demonstration of how much we care about our schools and how much attention we give to our boys and girls.”

“This device is just the crowning achievement of all the steps regarding the attention our administrations have put on schools,” says Davide Garavaglia, mayor of Mesero, “we hope that our interventions will be even more incisive and to make the environments more and more beautiful and more suitable for all our students.”

What is Fybra?

Fybra detects three parameters – carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity – and over time, through predictive and dynamic algorithms, it “learns” their trends and defines from time to time the ideal thresholds respecting which, in a specific environment, the deterioration of air quality can be prevented and comfort temperatures can be maintained, using the window intelligently.

An LED light communicates the situation in real time with different colors: red indicates the need to open windows to disperse microdroplets (vehicles of airborne viruses), CO2 and pollutants, purple a progressive improvement in air quality. When the light turns blue, it means air quality is good, and windows can then be closed again, avoiding heat waste.

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