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FYBRA - Indoor Air Quality & Energy Efficiency

Fybra is the innovative startup that has merged the world of air quality with energy efficiency. Its three patents, internationally recognized, allow for energy savings while simultaneously improving the air quality we breathe through ventilation.

Up to 30% of energy is wasted on heating and air conditioning in enclosed spaces, particularly in public facilities such as schools, hospitals, offices, etc., and poor ventilation (such as improper window opening) can cause an additional 15% energy waste.

Fybra monitors environments through its IoT devices, turning off or reducing heat from radiators when necessary and increasing it when needed, while also considering the need for ventilation (both through windows and mechanical ventilation).

The system is based on three patented products that work even with just windows and radiators, plus an intelligent system for controlling mechanical ventilation.

Discover our products

Fybra Therm

The new intelligent thermostatic valves optimize heating consumption while maintaining maximum comfort and a healthy environment.

Fybra School

Better air quality in school classrooms. Less airborne disease transmission. Dispersion and control of indoor pollutants. Digital Education. Optimized ventilation management and temperature control.

Fybra Home

The device for home environments, designed to improve air quality for those who work in smart working and for home life.

Fybra Space

Live your environments in safety. Optimized management of air exchange. Less airborne disease transmission. Dispersion and control of indoor pollutants. Dedicated reporting service.

Fybra IoT Mechanical Ventilation

The world's first IoT solution for mechanical ventilation. Moreover, it is the only IoT solution for mechanical ventilation in the world that guarantees energy efficiency, comfort, and air quality.

Prizes and Awards

Entrepreneur of the Year 2024

Amazon Launchpad Innovation Award 2023

Class Editori
Classified Award 2023

iF Design Award 2022
iF Design Award 2022 – Product category

Financial Times
Responsible Business Education Awards 2022

Klimahouse 2021
First Prize in the Innovation Category

CleanTech Challange – Italian Chapter

Future Hub Award
Best entrepreneurial reality of the year

Best start-up in show

My Fybra


Every User will be able to download its own data for every room and to visualize them in the Fybra cloud platform.

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About us

Fybra is the emerging Italian startup in Cleantech and IoT. The company is headquartered in Milan with operational bases in Germany.

Founded in 2021 by Gaetano Lapenta (CEO) and Marco Scaramelli (CTO) based on a patent developed since 2019, it was recognized in 2022 by the Financial Times as one of the most innovative companies in the world with significant social impact and has received nearly 20 international and national awards.

Fybra designs and develops both IoT products and software infrastructure in-house, and creates front-end applications for the optimal use of data and devices by its customers.

It holds one of the largest databases in the world on natural ventilation, and its predictive and adaptive algorithms are able to adapt to individual situations and improve over time.

Fybra has already secured two seed rounds and several national and international grants for the innovativeness of its research.