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Innovative Fybra Home impresses Altroconsumo

By 30 Januar 2023Juli 6th, 2023No Comments
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Fybra Home has received a rave review from the influential consumer observatory Altroconsumo. This review confirms what Fybra has always known: Fybra Home sensor is an innovative product in the world of indoor air quality monitoring.

The results of our test: Fybra is promoted

Fybra Home sensor as „a great ally for improving indoor air quality“ and „a small sensor that monitors indoor air quality in real time, measuring CO2 concentration, temperature, relative humidity, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).“ Altroconsumo praised the device for its accuracy in detecting changes, its intuitiveness, and its ease of use by children and adults.

The importance of the Fybra sensor in schools is also emphasized, given its particular sensitivity to CO2 levels. This is especially critical in classrooms, where good air quality is essential to the health and well-being of students.

How does it work?

The article explains how the Fybra Home sensor works, highlighting its innovative algorithm that suggests improvement actions based on differences in parameter values over time. Altroconsumo tested the Fybra Home sensor under normal household conditions and was impressed by its ability to detect air quality anomalies, including the influence of human presence and activities on CO2 and VOC levels. In addition, Consumption also noted that temperature and humidity readings are useful for monitoring a room’s microclimate and checking the efficiency of air conditioning systems.

This review testifies to the unique features and benefits of the Fybra Home sensor. It confirms that Fybra is a leader in the field of indoor air quality monitoring and that the Fybra Home sensor is an excellent tool for improving air quality in homes and schools.

An excellent ally for improving air quality in the home

In conclusion, „Fybra Home has excellent value for money, which is great news for anyone who wants to improve indoor air quality and protect their health and well-being.“

We are proud to have received such a positive review from Altroconsumo and will strive to continue to be a leader in indoor air quality monitoring. With the Fybra Home sensor, everyone can breathe easier, knowing they are in control of their indoor air quality.

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