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Fybra Marks Two-Year Milestone Since Winning „Change Maker“ Award

By 15 Januar 2024Februar 9th, 2024No Comments
"alumni change maker” in 2022’s FT Responsible Business Education awards

Celebrating a significant milestone, Fybra commemorates two years since being honored as a „Change Maker“ in the 2022 Financial Times Responsible Business Education Awards. Since then, Fybra has undergone remarkable evolution.

Initially impacting 40,000 individuals, predominantly in schools, Fybra’s reach has expanded dramatically, now impacting over 300,000 people across various locations in Europe. While schools remain a primary focus, Fybra has extended its influence to offices and homes, catering to diverse environments.

The journey began with Gaetano Lapenta’s mission to enhance air quality in his daughter’s school, alongside Marco Scaramelli. Their collaborative effort birthed a revolutionary innovation that surpassed expectations.

Reflecting on humble beginnings in a small farmhouse in Milan, Marco and Gaetano reminisce about pioneering Fybra’s first algorithm. Today, Fybra’s presence extends to schools and offices throughout Italy and Europe, significantly improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency, with notable impact in the EdTech and CleanTech sectors.

At Fybra’s core lies a profound commitment to positive environmental, social, and cultural impact. The team remains resolute in embracing new challenges, driven by a shared vision of continuous improvement.

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