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Fybra at the SCHULBAU Fair in Hamburg

By 12 September 2023No Comments
Fybra schulBau Hamburg

Fybra, a pioneer in indoor air quality solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the prestigious SCHULBAU Fair in Hamburg on September 19 and 20, where they will be showcasing their revolutionary technology at Booth n. 20. This participation marks a significant milestone in Fybra’s journey to enhance educational environments across Europe.

As a participant in the City of Hamburg’s esteemed Landing Pad Program, Fybra is well-positioned to make a substantial impact on the European educational landscape. Their cutting-edge technology is set to revolutionize the way we think about air quality in classrooms.

Spotlight on Fybra: Transforming Educational Air Quality

Fybra’s innovative approach combines patented sensor technology and advanced artificial intelligence to offer tailored ventilation strategies that optimize the dispersion of microdroplets. This not only helps combat airborne diseases but also includes color-coded signals for real-time ventilation guidance. Fybra’s system harmonizes air quality with energy efficiency, delivering a win-win solution for educational institutions.

Why Does This Matter?

Fybra is committed to improving the air quality in classrooms, with a vision to reduce both energy costs and disease transmission. They firmly believe that providing students with an optimal learning environment is a fundamental right.

Visit Us at Booth n. 20

Fybra extends a warm invitation to all attendees of SCHULBAU to visit them at Booth n. 20. Their team will be on hand to showcase their groundbreaking technology and engage in discussions on how Fybra can contribute to healthier, smarter educational environments.

Proud Participant of the City of Hamburg’s Landing Pad Program

As part of the City of Hamburg’s innovative Landing Pad Program, Fybra is excited to collaborate with like-minded stakeholders to elevate the standards of educational infrastructure in the region.

A Paradigm Shift Awaits

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative movement in educational air quality. Mark your calendars and make sure to visit Booth n. 20 in Hamburg! 🇩🇪

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