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Fybra®️ at Casa Decor 2023

By 26 April 2023Juli 6th, 2023No Comments
fybra casa decor espacio italia

Fybra®️ at Casa Decor 2023: Award-winning innovation and design serving indoor air quality and energy conservation.

Indoor air quality and energy savings are increasingly topical issues, and technology plays a key role in the search for innovative and sustainable solutions. Casa Decor 2023, Madrid’s most prestigious design and innovation event, is the perfect setting to present Fybra®️, a 100% Italian CleanTech that combines design and technology to improve the quality of our lives.

Fybra®️, with its patented IoT technology, demonstrates how design, lifestyle and innovation can work together to make a difference. Its IF Design award-winning smart sensor improves indoor air quality and promotes energy savings, becoming an essential component of a sustainable and healthy home.


Fybra®️ is participating in the project „Sigh! Living Room.“

At Casa Decor 2023, Fybra®️ is participating in the space „Sospiro! Living Room,“ a place designed for the occasion that invites people to sigh, find joy, relax and feel at home, as well as presenting innovative and sustainable „Made in Italy“ furniture and technology solutions. This collaboration with other leading Italian design and innovation companies underscores the importance of a holistic approach to improving the environments in which we live.

The success and opportunities experienced by Fybra®️ in Spain are a source of pride and enthusiasm, as the company presents itself as a benchmark in its sector and demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and improving the quality of life. The valuable support received from ITA – Italian Trade Agency – Madrid has been fundamental in this process of expansion and consolidation in the Spanish market.

Casa Decor 2023 is a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the innovative and sustainable solutions offered by Fybra®️. The recognition obtained with the IF Design award highlights the company’s commitment to excellence in design and technology, and its ability to make a difference in indoor air quality and energy savings.

The presence of Fybra®️ at Casa Decor 2023 is further evidence of how cutting-edge technology and award-winning design can come together to improve our quality of life and contribute to a more sustainable and healthier future.

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