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Discover the new Fybra Home and buy it online

By 7 Dezember 2021Juli 6th, 2023No Comments

The new Fybra Home is finally available to everyone and can be purchased directly via our online shop.

Buy Fybra Home


Fybra Home is the device designed for home environments, designed to improve air quality for smart working and home life. It has a similar operating principle to Fybra School and Fybra Space, but it is a new patent:

  • The dynamics of living in a home environment are different from those in a ‚public‘ environment. The occupancy is variable as well as the possible uses of the various spaces (gathering, smart working, relaxing, studying, etc.)
  • There are components that can have just as much impact on air quality as CO2, such as Voc (volatile organic compounds).
  • It has a completely new design, created by a Milanese studio to be inserted in harmony with the home furnishings
  • It can be placed on shelves, desks or hung on the wall
  • It has an extra sensor: in addition to T (temperature), RH (relative humidity) and CO2, it also measures Voc
  • It has a dedicated algorithm that cross-references CO2, T, RH and Voc, autonomously learning the usage and ventilation habits and adapting to them to obtain the best performance

New Fybra Home App for iOS and Android

The patented smart sensor that signals when to open and close windows, calculating optimal ventilation times based on habits. Air the room and maintain comfort temperatures by indicating your preferred temperatures directly in the proprietary app.

Made 100% in Italy. Award-winning startup.

Air renewal is also essential to reduce the transmission of airborne diseases via microdroplets: Fybra Home indicates when the concentration of pollutants is excessive and therefore ventilation is required, also signalling the exact time to open via the light indicator.